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Ahmed Shafiu

Location: Maldives

Running between jobs as a construction site supervisor and a wedding designer, Ahmed manages to make time to create art, his passion. He has many different self-taught styles ranging from realistic portraits to many different cartoon styles that can be seen here. He works hard to bring pleasure to the people who would view his artwork, and is always trying to improve upon himself. Ahmed pulls inspiration from family and friends, and all forms of media. Currently, some of his favorite books and video games are, in no particular order: The Gentleman Bastards series, The Witcher (video game and books), Johannes Cabal, The Necromancer, and Chrono Trigger. When he isn't creating designs for us, he takes commissions and works on his own projects. You can contact him and find out even more about him by clicking any of the bubbles below his name or find him on Discord @Kalsaik#2936

Ahmed's Overbyte Creations:



Alanna Swain


Location: New South Wales, Australia

 From doodling in class to creating work for clients, Alanna can do it all; where some artists stop at digital art in this day and age, Alanna does and enjoys almost every medium 2D artwork. Whether it's painting on a canvas, watercolors, or using her digital drawing pad, she strives in creating new pieces and constantly learning to better her artwork from each and every one. She has a great philosophy on improving her artwork which you are free to ask her about. Some of her favorite entertainment comes from sci-fi and anime; her current favorite shows are Rick & Morty and Steven Universe; favorite books are BZRK and Artemis Fowl; and favorite video games are Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and any Zelda game. Aside from doing work for Overbyte Studio, Alanna is always taking commissions. You can contact her at DeviantArt, Twitter, or by email.

Alanna's Overbyte Creations: