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Doctor Who, League of Legends, & Attack on Titan designs going live!

attack on titan doctor who league of legends thirteenth doctor

Today is the day! Three new designs are going live! We're happy to show off our Thirteenth Doctor design from Doctor Who, our Thresh design from League of Legends, and our Titan design from Attack on Titan.

1. Thirteenth Doctor


This design comes right after the announcement of the Thirteenth Doctor actor being Jodie Whittaker, a huge milestone for the Doctor Who franchise. We were super excited to see someone from a different gender representing the main character, an alien who can regenerate itself, has two hearts, a time-traveling spaceship, and "magic" screwdriver.

This design features Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor alongside the TARDIS from the teaser clip released the same day as the announcement was made.

There's a white border around the design and the sticker is cut to the exact shape as the backing, the same way as our other Doctor Who designs. The provided image is just a proof of concept image but the stickers arrive looking exactly the same as our proofs. More pictures soon!

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2. Colossal Titan 

As the second season comes to a close in the U.S., we went with an Attack on Titan "peeking" design. AoT is such a fantastic, beautifully made anime, as well as a well-written and drawn manga, so we really had a desire for an excellent AoT decal. 

We're trying something new with this decal. Unlike the Doctor Who decals where the paper is cut to the same shape of the vinyl, this decal has excess paper backing to make the peeling of the sticker easier. We also went with a thin, black border around everywhere except the bottom of the sticker to allow for maximum "peeking" effect on the edge of windows and cases. 

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3. Thresh

One of the most popular games worldwide is League of Legends, and to celebrate and launch our line of LoL merchandise we started with Thresh! What better option did we really have? Look how badass it turned out!

With this design, we are trying out something new as well: clear, matte stickers. This means whatever you decide to stick this out, the clear border around the design will take on a similar color. (Try tinted windows or anything black; it looks sick!)

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We're really excited for these designs to be hitting the store, and we hope you are too! feel free to comment here, contact us on facebook messenger, or through our contact form and let us know what you think and what you'd like to see!


The Overbyte Team

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