Augmented Reality

Everything you need can just be stored in your phone and brought out at the touch of a button. This, added with AR technology, means you can feel like you’re playing the same way as always with a lot more ease.


Terrain & Dungeons

Using a tile based system, users can design their own dungeons and terrains or use our generator to create on the fly. Different tile designs are supplied to generate dungeons, terrains, or indoor settings.


Characters & Monsters

With Tabletop Nexus comes a long list of 3D models to use for player characters as well as NPCs and monsters. With the character creation system, any aspect of any model can be adjusted to fit the character in mind perfectly. From height and weight to nose length and face width. Not only physical attributes but also clothing and accessories will be available to choose from.

Cast 2


With TN dice, you can customize the color of each dice before you roll. To make the dice easier to read, the number rolled appears above the dice. The outcome of each roll can be shared among everyone in the game room.


Pre-Made Campaigns

The idea behind the pre-made campaigns is to provide ease of access to busy DMs. These will group together NPCs as well as pre-made dungeons and terrains with lite guided text to keep your story rolling.


Ambient Sound & Music

The ambient sounds and music included in TN add that little extra flair and atmosphere to every session, from the crackle and pop of a campfire to the bawdy songs of the local bard.



Everything is synced and sent over the network. Together or across the country, playing with friends has never been easier.

Help Support Us!

With the majority of the base functionality written, a lot of the delay in releasing the app falls on the creative side. We need the support to hire the right artists for the job. Click the image below to join us over on Patreon andĀ help bring this app to fruition.